Recent publications of the members of the department

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Stipulating, Litigating, Mediating (Legal History Library, Bd. 48), Leiden/Boston: Brill 2021

edited by Margareth Lanzinger, Janine Maegraith,...


Special Issue der Frühneuzeit-Info "DisAbility im Europa der Frühen Neuzeit/DisAbility in Early Modern Europe" (Heft 31, 2020), herausgegeben von Julia Gebke und Julia Heinemann.


Due to the increasing linkage of global production sites, the concept of commodity chains has become indispensable for the investigation of production...


Julia Heinemann, Verwandtsein und Herrschen. Die Königinmutter Catherine de Médicis und ihre Kinder in Briefen, 1560–1589, Heidelberg: Heidelberg...


Edited by Joachim Eibach and Margareth Lanzinger

This book addresses the multifaceted history of the domestic sphere in Europe from the Age of...


Internal, European, and Transatlantic Migration in the Late Habsburg Empire

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