Book series "Lest We Forget ..."

The book series "Damit es nicht verlorengeht ..." ["Lest We Forget ..."] founded in 1983 by Michael Mitterauer and now published by the association "Dokumentation lebensgeschichtlicher Aufzeichnungen" in Böhlau Verlag currently comprises 70 volumes - partly autobiographical individual editions, partly topic- or aspect-oriented, scientifically annotated anthologies with life-historical memory texts by several authors.

The book series uses autobiographical memoir texts to provide insights into past and present living, working and relationship conditions and documents the diverse everyday knowledge of older people. Personal life stories can illustrate historical developments and life-world differences - between generations, social groups and classes, women and men, etc. - and thus promote mutual social understanding and intercultural understanding. The published life stories should inspire readers to biographical self-reflection and encourage autobiographical writing.