Mag. Paul M. Horntrich, BA BA


October 2019 to March 2023 Research Assistent 



  • 2016 Mag. phil. History/German Studies (University of Vienna)
  • 2016 BA Linguistics (University of Vienna)
  • 2016 BA Philosophy (University of Vienna)

Areas of Research

  • History of Sexuality
  • Porn Studies
  • Discourse analysis

Current Project

  • Pornography in Austria: Political debates and media discussions during the long sexual revolution, 1950s to early 1980s.


  • Obscenity, film regulation, and moral reconstruction: Willi Forst’s “The Sinner” as pornographic film scandal in 1950s Austria. In: Mario Keller, Johann Kirchknopf, Oliver Kühschelm, Karin Moser and Stefan Ossmann (Hg.): Sexuality and Consumption – 18th Century to 21st Century [Working title]. Boston/Berlin, forthcoming
  • Aufklärung, Verklärung oder Schweigen? Entwicklungslinien römisch-katholischer Sexualpädagogik in Österreich und Deutschland im 20. Jahrhundert, Schulheft 182/183 (2021), forthcoming
  • Die Entkriminalisierung von Pornographie in Österreich, in: History|Sexuality | Law, 24/09/2020,
  • Science, Sin, and Sexuality in Roman-Catholic Discourses in the German-Speaking Area, 1870s to 1930s. Sexuality & Culture 24, 2137–2160 (2020).