Summer programme: "Gender and Work in European History"


Date: Mon - Fri 1-5 July 2024

Venue: University of Vienna, Kolingasse 14-16, 1090 Vienna (ground floor, seminar room 5)

Organised by MATILDA in cooperation with the Dept. of Economic and Social History, the Dept. of Contemporary History and the Dept. of History.

Intensive Summer Programme, organised by MATILDA – European Master in Women’s and Gender History and the International Consortium Gender History 

With lectures and presentations by Anna Bellavitis, Isabelle Chabot, Prunelle Dauty, Eleni Anastasopoulou, Irene Messinger, Florencia Peyrou Tubert, Juliane Schiel, Louise Bonvalet, Li Gerhalter, Manuela Martini, Eszter Varsa, Valentina Mitkova, Sandra Maß and Claudia Kraft  

MA and PhD student presentations by Léa Chacon, Audrey Gôme, Corinna Peres, Lisa Horak, Nike Kirnbauer and Hannah Hieber

3 July 2024, 14.30-16.30: Excursion to the Karl Marx Hof and the exhibition "Red Vienna" in the Washhouse no.2 with Julia Tyll-Schranz

4 July 2024, 18.00-21.00: Film presentation and discussion: "Pride" (GB 2014) with Claudia Kraft

Detailled programme (pdf)