Urban Military Matters in the Late Middle Ages: Warfare, Trade and its Organization


Veranstaltungsort: Hörsaal 27, University of Vienna, Main Building, Hof V, 2nd floor

Wann: Monday 11 June, 1pm - 6pm, Tuesday 12 June, 9am - 1pm




The danger of violence from outside city walls and the consequential necessity for mandatory and efficient military service were regarded as central aspects of daily life in medieval cities.

A city's military power was not solely based on burghers and mercenaries in armor and weapons, but rather consisted of many different aspects of a complex military organization.

The production of necessary weapons, the trade with these weapons and with other materials, the strengthening of the city's bulwark, and the need for improved manpower and hiring new combatants are just a few matters within the large field of military history which concerned cities in the Middle Ages.

Concept and Organization: Andreas Moitzi, Thomas Ertl

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