Assoc. Prof. Kirsten Wandschneider, MSc PhD

Room: 05.604 (Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Wien)


Telephone: +43-1-4277-37414

Curriculum vitae

Research areas

  • European Economic and Financial History
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Empirical Methods in Economic History

ongoing research projects

  • The Smoot-Hawley Trade War
  • Emerging Credit Markets in Late 18th Century Prussia. Jhd
  • Covered Bonds (Pfandbriefe) in Prussia

Networks and Activities

  • Research Fellow (Economic History Programme), Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), 2017-present

Selected recent Publications

  • “Landschaften as Credit Purveyors—The Example of East Prussia” Journal of Economic History Vol.75(3), pp. 791-818, 2015.
  • “Capital Controls and Recovery from Financial Crises: Evidence from the 1930s” (with Kris James Mitchener), Journal of International Economics Vol. 95 pp. 188–201, 2015.
  • “Lending to Lemons: Landschafts Credit in 18th Century Prussia” in Housing and Mortgage Markets in Historical Perspective, by P. Fishback, K. Snowden and E. White (eds.), NBER Conference Volume, Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2014.
  • “Financing and Refinancing the War of the Spanish Succession, and then Refinancing the South Sea Company” (with Ann M. Carlos, Erin K. Fletcher and Larry Neal), in Questioning Credible Commitment, New Perspectives on the Rise of Financial Capitalism, by D’Maris Coffman, Adrian Leonard and Larry Neal (eds.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.
  • “Military Conquest and Sovereign Debt: Chile, Peru and the London Bond Market, 1876–1890” (with Richard Sicotte and Catalina Vizcarra), Cliometrica, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 293-319, October 2010.
  • “The Fiscal Impact of the War of the Pacific” (with Richard Sicotte and Catalina Vizcarra), Cliometrica, Vol. 3 No. 2, pp. 97-121, June 2009.
  • “The Stability of the Interwar Gold Exchange Standard—Did Politics Matter?” Journal of Economic History, Vol. 68(01), pp. 151-181, March 2008.